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Публикувано: пет май 11, 2012 7:15 am
от Nastiezo
When browsing the galaxy menu on the iPad or iPhone, you cannot tap the name of a player to see the grey hover details.

The same hover does work on the overview (when you tap the word "attack" "recycle" etc when you are looking at your fleet timers. I think because the overview works on a click event and hover when the galaxy page only does on hover.

The only way to see a players last online time and the other details is to find them on the stats page.

I've tested on the iPhone, iPad 2 and the new iPad in the Hardcore uni

Re: iPad

Публикувано: съб май 12, 2012 10:51 am
от free_styler212
I don't think the game is optimised for iPhone and iPad, like they miss the flash player. There is piece of the coding that is not working on iProducts.

I am afraid you'll have to use one of these browser apps

bla bla bla browsers

Or try with Opera which is free. but the fact that it is free doesn't actually pay off so ...

Here are supposed to be some of the best browser apps for iPhone and iPad


Re: iPad

Публикувано: нед май 13, 2012 2:51 am
от Nastiezo
I tried mercury, dolphin, opera and a coupe others, same issue.

I also messed around with the JavaScript in chrome and figured out it simply because the event triggers on "hover" and the element isnt a hyperlink <a herf...> - which the iPad doesn't have.

The other ones are the same thing but they are on hyperlinks so it'll work.

Anyway, I discovered I can click the flag next to the name to see their profile and all the details. I just have to make frequent use of the back button.

Thanks! :-))